Day One of Quilling – 12th feb 2012

29 Jul

Day One of Quilling – 12th feb 2012.

Unconditional Love

14 Aug

Ok.  The experience I am sharing right now is the one which I came across recently.  People usually keep talking that some of them have come across a life changing moment; well this is one of them I had and truly knocked the senses out of me. I was waiting at the airport of Chicago to pick up my friend who was arriving from another city.  So I walked in the main entrance and strained to locate my friend among the crowd of passengers who just deplaned. While I was doing that, I could not help but notice a middle – age man probably around mid-30’s carrying two suitcases walking briskly with a huge smile on his face. He halted before his family (two boys, a little girl and his wife) right next to me. And mind you this happened just beside me, so I could even hear their conversations.

The man as a loving father first motioned to his second child come near him (must be around 7 years old) and gave a long loving hug saying “How are you doing” “I missed you my Son”. ? As they separated enough to look at each other, his son replied softly “Me too dad” with a smile somewhat shyly, averting his eyes.

Then the father gazed his eyes upon his elder son (maybe 10 yrs. old) and gave him too the same warm and loving hug. Then he said “You are already growing up and have become quite the young man”. His elder son replied with a huge smile and content “Thanks Father”.  And when all this was happening, the baby girl was moving restlessly in her mother’s arms, never once taking her little eyes off the wonderful sight of her returning father, moving forward, extending her little arms in an attempt to reach to her father. The man then took her saying “Ah! My little angel. Hope you did not miss me too much”. And the baby girl sat so peacefully in her father’s arms as she put her head against his shoulder and lay almost motionless in pure contentment. Finally he turned to his wife and said “Ah I have saved the best for the last”. And then he gave (which I think) was the most passionate kiss to his wife saying “I love you”.

As they both were looking into each other’s eyes, I suddenly realized how totally engrossed I was in the wonderful display of unconditional love not more than an arm’s length away from me. But my curiosity.  I couldn’t keep it to myself and asked that man “Excuse me. I am sorry, but how long have you been married?”. “12years” he said not taking his eyes of his wife.  “And how long has it been since you have met your family”. He replied quickly looking at me with a smile “2 days”. What? Two days? Two days??? Really? I kept saying to myself. I got stunned. Judging by the intensity of greeting, I thought he came back after few weeks or even months. I knew my expressions betrayed me. When the man and his family were about to leave, I asked him almost offhandedly hoping to end my intrusion (and to get back to searching my friend), “I hope everyone’s marriage is still that passionate after twelve years!” He looked at me straight into my eyes and said firmly (which I will never forget) “Do not hope friend. But decide! Bye!” He shook my hand, flashed his smile and then he departed with his family.

Hello Everyone

14 Aug

Hello friends,

Started this blog to share my experiences as I encounter different hurdles, come across  bizarre or extraordinary people. I wanted to highlight somehow those small things in life we learn, cherish and enjoy and to enlighten those small things we cherish in a much brighter way in the form of my blog posts. I hope this blog gives an introspect on one’s own life and also brings smile and joy to the one’s reading.